Cleanings & Prevention

A smile is timeless when it is treated for with proactive and disciplined preventive care. Good daily oral health habits accompanied by routine visits to a dentist help you keep a youthful smile throughout your lifetime.

Dr. Daniel J. Clark and his team of dental professionals provide the protective and preventive dental care you need for a smile that radiates health and beauty. Clark Family Dentistry provides detailed exams and thorough cleanings to people living in Hillsboro and surrounding communities.   

Educating Patients for Optimal At-Home Care

We strongly believe that education is one of the primary ways we can help you maintain your oral health. By providing you with an understanding on how tooth decay develops and the knowledge of important techniques and cleaning methods, we can empower you to take optimal care of your teeth. Clark Family Dentistry takes the time to discuss with you our oral health care strategies.

Professional Dental Exams and Cleanings are Key to Oral Health

Another important aspect of preventive dentistry is routine exams and cleanings. By catching dental issues promptly, they are less likely to escalate into major and costly problems. Using digital X-rays, Dr. Clark has highly detailed images that can be shown to you immediately on a computer screen. This empowers you to make informed decisions when choosing treatment options. These X-rays also provide maximum safety, using 90% less radiation than traditional X-rays. Dr. Clark also provides the vital screening of oral cancer using a veloscope.

Clark Family Dentistry has friendly and outstanding dental hygienists who meticulously clean teeth, inlcuding the crevices that are often overlooked in at-home routines. Sealants may be recommended to protect deep contours in the teeth with a clear varnish. Hygienic care also includes a fluoride treatment to strengthen tooth enamel against decay and a polishing to remove stains and smooth away additional debris from tooth surfaces.

Dr. Daniel J. Clark Prevents the Progress of Dental Damage

Give Clark Family Dentistry a call to receive the help your smile needs to remain healthy and lustrous. Through education, early detection, and routine cleanings, your smile will stand the test of time. Located in Hillsboro, contact Dr. Daniel J. Clark and his dedicated team today! 

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