Same Day Crowns

It can be a real challenge finding time in your busy schedule to attend much needed dental appointments. Fortunately, innovative technology is helping dentists minimize the time and money you spend at the dentist’s office.  

Dr. Daniel J. Clark serves patients in Hillsboro and surrounding communities with dental care that uses CEREC technology, an innovative way to design and construct dental prosthetics in a single appointment. Clark Family Dentistry can help you avoid the nuisance of return trips to the dentist and temporary dental fixtures by using this modern technology.

CEREC Technology Designs and Fabricates Custom Prosthetics

Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or CEREC, uses CAD/CAM software to take 3D images of your oral structure to fabricate many different types of ceramic restorations. This in-house lab gives your dentist the advantage, as time is not wasted outsourcing the fabrication of your prosthetics to outside labs.

3D scans create virtual models of your oral anatomy, which are used by a milling machine to precisely sculpt a block of ceramic into a prosthetic that fits the exact dimensions of your natural teeth. The ceramic used is matched to surrounding dental color and shares the same luminosity as natural tooth enamel.

Many Same-Day Prosthetics Available with CEREC

CEREC technology can be used to create several different prosthetics, all within one dental visit, for example:

Crowns – These are often placed on severely damaged teeth or teeth that have undergone root canal therapy. They encase a tooth and replicate a tooth’s original size and shape. They are made of a porcelain that is matched to surrounding teeth.

Veneers – Made of porcelain and affixed onto the fronts of the most visible teeth, these thin shells are custom-designed to complement your features, conceal dental imperfections, perfectly fitting onto the contours of each unique tooth.

Inlays and Onlays – Also called partial crowns, these are porcelain prosthetics designed to replace sections of teeth that have been badly damaged. They are securely bonded onto teeth and strengthen them by up to 75 percent.

Quality and Convenient Care with Dr. Daniel J. Clark

If time is always an issue for you when scheduling dental treatment, then rest assured in the innovative and time-saving treatment of care at Clark Family Dentistry. Using CEREC technology, we can diagnose and prescribe treatment in a single day, so you are free to get back to your daily duties.

Serving patients in Hillsboro and surrounding communities, give the dental office of Dr. Daniel J. Clark a call today!

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