A smile that has been affected by decay, injury, or trauma can not only suffer from aesthetic limitations but can experience improper health and function. This makes everyday tasks such as eating, chewing, and speaking especially difficult. Personalized treatment can eliminate the risks of tooth decay while restoring an affected smile back to its former glory.

With over 30 years in treating the unique smiles of individuals and their families throughout the Hillsboro communities, established dentist, Dr. Daniel J. Clark, DDS, and his experienced team utilize their passion for helping others by providing comprehensive restorative dental care services.

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Restorative Dental Treatments in Hillsboro

Our Highland County dental practice offers a wide variety of restorative and dental prosthetic solutions, including:

Fillings- Dr. Clark offers both composite and amalgam material to repair fractured, cracked, or damaged teeth. Because these restorations bond effectively with natural enamel, they are resilient to everyday wear and tear.

Inlays & Onlays- Dental inlays and onlays fit inside the center of the tooth, or on the cusp tips, and securely seals the affected area, which minimizes any recurrence of decay.

Dental Implants- Consisting of biocompatible titanium posts, they act as artificial tooth roots, providing the essential stimulation your jawbone needs to stay full and healthy. Strong jawbone volume is vital for the support of your dental implant and affixed prosthetic, which include crowns, bridges, partials, and dentures.

CEREC Same-Day Crowns- Dr. Clark utilizes our in-office CAD/CAM scanning technology to obtain accurate digital impressions of your current dental state. These images provide a vital blueprint for our in-house CEREC porcelain milling machine to craft your completely personalized restorative crowns within a single visit. These durable, enamel-colored caps cover the entire surface of the tooth, further preserving its natural structure.

Bridges, Partials & Dentures- When several teeth are missing in a row, our bridge appliances replace the gaps in a short row. Complete denture prosthetics are an essential option for patients missing teeth in an entire detention. Their partial counterparts are designed for a smile where a row of teeth have been lost.

Root Canal Therapy- Root canal therapy is designed to save the natural structure of a severely damaged or infected tooth. Dr. Clark will properly remove the infected tissues and disinfect it. He finalizes treatment with a restorative crown using our in-house CEREC technology that will protect the treated tooth from future infection.

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